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Inhale (4 Seconds)

How It Works

Beam is an anxiety necklace + whistle optimized to help deep breathing and reduce anxiety & stress.

Hold (4 Seconds)

The perfect split-path airflow design assists mindfulness breathing. It helps with breathing techniques including belly breathing, guided breathing meditation, and panic attack breathing.

Exhale (4 Seconds)

Exhale Through Beam

Hold (4 Seconds)

Relax, Repeat

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1000+ Breathing Exercises. Data Driven Insights. Build Steady Habits. Free Subscription with purchase of Beam

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Backed By Science

✔️ Slow Down Heart Rate 

✔️ Balance Energy Levels 

✔️ Reduce Anxiety

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Pandra S.

I was intrigued by the Komuso Shift but it's ridiculously expensive. Why buy a Shift when Moksha makes a comparable product for much less? I bought the device at the Moksha website and it's everything that was promised. It's beautifully made, like a fine piece of jewelry, with the logo discretely etched on one side. It's just the right size and resistance to breathe through when my chest feels tight. I also use it when I'm not feeling anxious to practice proper breathing. Just having it close makes me feel better because it is so helpful during an anxiety attack. I wish this had been available decades ago but I'm so glad to have it now.

Sami G.

Graphic Designer

Beautiful necklace, calming, really forces you to focus on breath work, the app that goes along with it is a wonderful tool which I wasn't expecting...

Jay G.

Software Engineer

Sleek design and doesn't make noise! Amazing tool to calm you down. I've tried mindful breathing by myself, but it really is much more difficult without something like this to remind you. Quality is exceptional as well-I'll be using this forever now. Thanks Moksha!

Carl F.


I absolutely cannot rave about this item enough. I bought it for meditation breath training and using it helped me realize that my accessory breathing muscles want to go crazy when I’m stressed. Helped me recognize AND address the issue!

Reanna B


I bought 2 Beams, one for myself and one for my daughter. My first thought was, "ok, I see how this works now." By restricting the release of your breath, your forcing yourself to slow down. Plus since it's also engaging your tactile sense, your also distracting yourself. The neck has a little weight to it and that reminds you that it's there when ever you need it. It's very well made, both the whistle and the chain.

Dr. Sachin Shah

A Licensed Pediatric Hospitalist

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